Hugh Lashbrooke

Mausritter Campaigns & Settings

Full campaigns and settings for Mausritter that I have built - complete with ready-to-play adventures, loads of NPCs, plenty of creatures, and hundreds of new items.

Standalone Games

Tabletop games that I have created - simple to start and fun to play.

Kiwi Acres Adventure Collection

A complete setting and adventure collection for Mausritter. All parts are available individually or as a discounted collection. While the adventures work best within the Kiwi Acres setting, I designed them to be playable as one-shots.

Mausritter Adventures

Mausritter adventures that I created to be played as one-shots or inserted into any campaign.

Tabletop Game Tools

Tools I have built for tabletop and TTRPG game designers to use when creating or running their games.

Mausritter Add-ons

Add-ons for Mausritter I have created that will work in any adventure, campaign or hexcrawl. All are available to download for free.

Mini Games

Short games I created that can be included in larger tabletop RPGs for players to have some creative fun during their adventures. All easily adaptable into any system.

Contributions I've Made

TTRPG modules and supplements to which I have contributed content.

TTRPG systems I've used

Openly-licensed systems that I have used to build some of my tabletop games and adventures.

TTRPG creation resources I've enjoyed

Tools and resources that I have found useful when creating tabletop games.

Mausritter modules I've enjoyed

Adventures, items, and other Mausritter modules created by others that I have enjoyed using or playing.