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I’m going to need you to go ahead and play this solo journaling game about navigating corporate bureaucracy. So if you could get started that would be great.


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We are delighted to welcome you into the family. You are now a valued member of the team and we expect you to act as such. Failure to do so will result in your immediate termination.

Fill out your staff profile with your name and core skills. You will need these to leverage your synergies for maximum efficiency.

Find and report to your six bosses to complete your onboarding.

To be successful here, you will need to supply your own materials:

  • Something to write on
  • A flat surface on which to build your map of the office - your cubicle desk will suffice
  • A standard deck of cards without the jokers, shuffled - this is your Inbox
  • Two six-sided dice (2d6) - these are your Task Dice
  • Index cards or random slips of paper - sticky notes are available from the storeroom
  • A small token (like a paper clip, or a red stapler)

The game rules are formatted to look and feel like a typical corporate slide deck. You can download them in PDF, PPTX, and KEY files.

The game includes unique events that pull you toward your goal of reporting to your six bosses while you build your map of the office. Failure to report to them before you get five warnings means you lose, so you better get started!

Created for the Firelights Jam

This solo journaling game is based on Firelights, product of Fari RPGs, developed and authored by René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas, and licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

This complete work uses the same license and is copyright © Hugh Lashbrooke 2023 - hughlashbrooke.com.


Hugh Lashbrooke: Tabletop Gaming


Get this solo journaling game and 642 more for $10.00 USD
View bundle
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Corporate Onboarding 2.0.pdf 18 MB
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Corporate Onboarding 2.0.key 16 MB
Corporate Onboarding 2.0 - Staff profile.pdf 81 kB
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