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10 unique adventures for Mausritter in a 78-page campaign setting


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This is the full Kiwi Acres adventure collection for Mausritter - it includes the campaign setting along with all 10 bundled adventures at a 40% discount from the normal price.

Looking for the campaign setting on its own? Get it here.
You can also purchase the adventures individually via the links below.

Beyond the rolling hills and sprawling pastures of a quiet New Zealand farm lies a world that few would expect. A world of danger and adventure, where tiny creatures scurry and flutter under the watchful gaze of larger beasts, friend and foe alike. This is a world of adventure, where brave and curious mice embark on perilous journeys in search of treasure and knowledge.

But beware, dear adventurer, for Kiwi Acres is not for the faint of heart. Along the way, you may encounter a fierce gang of wētā, a crazed kea wreaking havoc, a possum bent on dominance, or even a wise old albatross with secrets to share. Venture across the farmland and discover the magic of the Kākāriki Orchard, explore the Fernwood Forest, or brave the dark of the Forgotten Shed.

The path ahead is treacherous and full of challenges, but the rewards are great for those who dare to explore. So gather your courage, pack your bags, and join the ranks of the brave mice who came before you. Are you ready to take on the wilds of Kiwi Acres and uncover the mysteries that lie within?

"Kiwi Acres is a masterclass in setting design and thoughtful world-building! Hugh has added so much to the content catalog of Mausritter and I truly believe Kiwi Acres can, does, and will provide hours upon hours of game-able content for tables across the globe! Kiwi Acres is Bernpyle-approved!"

Matthew Morris, creator of Bernpyle & Lilliputian

If you purchase the digital edition and later decide to order the hardcover book, I'll send you a discount code so you only pay the difference. Fill in this form to let me know!

What's inside?

Kiwi Acres is a fully fleshed-out campaign setting for Mausritter. The 78 pages include all the tools you need to create your own adventure - everything is designed to be easy to print at home on standard paper (available in both A4 and US letter sizes), or you can order the hardcover book that includes all of it:

  • Fully-designed hexcrawl with 19 keyed hexes
  • Names and descriptions for each hex
  • 10 ready-to-play adventures, all included
  • Labelled & unlabelled maps in colour and black & white outline
  • Hooks & connections between all adventure sites
  • 3 competing factions
  • 12 new NPCs
  • Bestiary of 22 new creatures with images (also available separately)
  • 18 unique weapons & armour items
  • 21 new valuable, useful, and adventure-connected treasure items
  • 20 unique spells
  • 10 new conditions
  • Themed character and hireling sheets
  • Full map and NPCs for the central friendly settlement
  • Pronunciation guide for Māori words
  • Printable sheets for all items
  • Tables for all items (that are available online as well)
  • Tables for character and environment interactions
  • Interactions with the mischievous patupaiarehe & ponaturi - the New Zealand equivalent of the magical fae
  • An easily printable and foldable game box to keep all of your content together

...all themed around native New Zealand locations, flora and fauna, and integrated into the published adventures.

Check out the easy online roll tables for Kiwi Acres to make random rolls much quicker and easier.

Download the demo content below for a preview of the map and some of the included items.

"Kiwi Acres has everything! From colourful setting map that sparks my imagination, full of life characters and inhabitants, and my favourite: creatures relating to New Zealand's culture! If I need more adventures on the hexes, I can always check out Hugh's other amazing adventures in this campaign setting. Flavourful and fun - can recommend!"


How can you use this?

As a complete setting, you can use Kiwi Acres as a setting for any adventure you would like to use. All 10 adventures are included in this collection, and GMs can also drop in any adventure they choose.

The downloads include details about each hex, new items and spells, characters you will meet, how you can interact with the environment, and tables to generate loot. You can use all of these to create your own brand-new adventures or supplement your existing content.

Kiwi Acres is designed and built for Mausritter but could be used with any similar tabletop RPG.

"I LOVED this – the setting was great and gave us opportunities to look up and learn more about the location, the adventures were super cute and accessible for my kid, and the mechanics were streamlined and easy to pick up while still being interesting. It is perfect for all ages (not just kids)."

Steph C @ TTRPGKids.com

What adventures are included?

There are 10 complete and ready-to-play adventures for Kiwi Acres. They are all included in this download and are designed to work either as a connected campaign running through Kiwi Acres or as one-shot adventures in any other campaign.

All 10 of them are included in your purchase of this product. All of the adventures come in home-printable A5 pamphlet formats, so they will stack neatly together with the campaign setting.

You can also purchase the core campaign setting without the adventures here.

"I have bought the bundle and I recommend it, I love this setting! The fact that humans are around but unaware of the little animal people having adventures around them is very nice."


If you enjoy Kiwi Acres, check out 10 Downing, a Mausritter campaign and adventure collection set in the real-world 10 Downing Street:

Who made this?

Story, writing, details, and layout: Hugh Lashbrooke

Kiwi Acres is an independent production by Hugh Lashbrooke and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence. Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.

Logo, cover & scarecrow image by Catherine Lashbrooke.
Book layout based on the Classic Explorer template.
Hexmap & character sheet assets by Penflower Ink, 2022-2023, penflower-ink.com.
Other images courtesy of Freepik, Flaticon, and The Noun Project.

All elements of this work are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Copyright © Hugh Lashbrooke 2023

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Get this adventure collection and 1 more for $22.00 USD
View bundle
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Kiwi Acres - Easy online roll tables

Download demo

Kiwi Acres - Sample content.pdf 2.5 MB

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Just bought the bundle, have been following your posts on discord for a while.

I saw there's a booklet pdf for 10downing, but not for Kiwi Acres. Are you considering to create a booklet printable for the latter? Would be easy for download and print it seems, even though I have a tool for creating a booklet with the singles version as well.


Thanks for the push about this - I've been meaning to add a booklet layout for Kiwi Acres but just haven't got round to it yet. I'll get that sorted and uploaded probably next week. 

Thanks for the support and happy adventuring!


This looks like fun and so kid friendly. Is there any chance that there will be community copies coming? I’d love to add this to my insane project journaling with my reluctant readers once school gets running. 

If so my email is Sharyna at gmail dot com and if not, I understand completely. :)

If I add more community copies, it will be for the setting and not this full collection. I'll do that when there are a few more sales or ratings coming in. 


Thank you for your response. I’ve added the other game to my list to watch. :)


Looks fantastic! Are there any plans to do a print run at some point?


Oh yes! I'm working on that now to make it available as print-on-demand through DriveThruRPG. I'm waiting on the final proof to arrive at the moment and assuming it's all accurate then it will be up for ordering as soon as possible.

(3 edits)

Physical copies are now available to order above: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/446701/Kiwi-Acres--Adventure-Collection-for...


Woohoo! Congratulations! The price is a bit heftier than I am able to pay at the moment, but rest assured I will keep it on my wish list for the future. I'm sure it's worth every penny.