v1.1 update! Hooks, pronunciation, items and more!

While I have been incrementally updating Kiwi Acres with small additions, this is the first big update with a bunch of new features at once. This update is available to anyone who already has a copy of Kiwi Acres and here's an outline of what you'll find included in it.

Central adventure hooks

There is now a d8 table of hooks for players who are exploring Scarecrow Stand - the central mouse settlement on the farm. There is one hook for each published adventure so you can either roll for them at random or pick one that you have prepped. This provides an easy way to get started with any adventure and work it naturally into the story. I plan on providing a map of Scarecrow Stand in the next major update.

Pronunciation guide & improved naming

I have updated the names of creatures, locations and items to reflect the proper Māori punctuation - this was an oversight on my part at the start, and I feel it's an important thing to correct going forward. Along with that, I have also included a pronunciation guide in the main Kiwi Acres download - this will help you with correctly pronouncing names where the way they sound may not be immediately obvious.

Updated items


Along with the name updates in the core package, I have also updated the names of items in the printable item sheets. While doing so, I improved the images of some of the items to make them look better or more accurate for what they are depicting. The stats and features of the items have not changed, so if you have the originals printed out you can continue to use them, but the new ones will generally look better and will be what is used in all updates going forward. I have also added the bonuses supplied by treasure items to the item cards themselves, so they're easier to keep track of.

New NPC details

Since publishing Craggy Rock, including a response table for Old Wingbeard the albatross, I have added his info and response table to the core Kiwi Acres package, so if he shows up in a random encounter while exploring the map you will have an easily available reference point.

Other updates

As if all that isn't enough, I have made some general updates around the place - the black and white map is removed from the core download (as it is included in the hexmap PDF already) the random encounters for the hexmap have been updated to include Old Wingbeard, and some wording has generally been tightened up and clarified.

I'm excited to have this update out and I hope you enjoy this more immersive world of Kiwi Acres. Future updates to the core package will include a map of Scarecrow Strand, more NPCs, connections directly between adventure sites, and more.

Haere rā!


Kiwi Acres - A Mausritter hexcrawl.pdf 1.8 MB
Jun 01, 2023
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Jun 01, 2023
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Jun 01, 2023

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